Catalogue of initiatives in Skopje

Arhitektri studioJun 4 / 2014

The process of implementation of Urban Cooks in Skopje revealed few very important findings. The bottom-up urban planning is far-fetched idea when applied to Skopje.
If we consider that bottom-up planning requires active citizens, open and encouraging administration, and a set of regulations that would allow for it, almost none of it exists at the moment. Re-use of materials for construction and creation of public spaces seems to be even more implausible option. Therefore, the Skopje Urban Cooks will have to address all these issues at once. The synergy created between social sciences, architecture, urban planning and activism that emerges by active participation of main partners and associates of Urban Cooks in Skopje holds a promise of introducing a set of new ideas and ways of thinking that could provide a sustainable platform for bottom-up urban planning in the future. The selection of initiatives to be implemented should lead to such a positive change by demonstrating the possibilities at disposal under given circumstances.

The catalogue was made since february 2014, sending a fix questionnaire to 16 “formal” and “informal” initiatives around the whole town. 7 of the formal and 2 of the informal answered, and they are featured in this catalogue.

You can read and download the whole catalogue in this link:
Catalogue of citizens initiatives- Vers. June 2014



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